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Introduction of paint spraying techniques and methods
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The paint used in the thermal spraying industry began in the early 20th century. It was first invented by Dr. MUSchoop in Zurich, Switzerland in 1910. In 1912, a wire flame spray gun was successfully developed. In 1916, a practical arc spray gun was developed.

Paint wire flame spraying is still in use today. It is a thermal spraying method that uses oxygen-acetylene combustion as a heat source and the spraying material is a wire. The spray gun introduces acetylene, oxygen and compressed air respectively through the siphon effect. After mixing, acetylene and oxygen generate a combustion flame at the nozzle outlet. The wire feeding wheel drives the wire to continuously send and release the flame through the center of the nozzle. The flame is heated and melted in the flame, and the compressed air passes through the air cap to form a cone-shaped high-speed airflow. The molten wire is atomized into fine particles. The molten particles are sprayed onto the surface of the pretreated substrate to form a coating.

The coating structure of the linear flame spraying of the coating is an obvious layered structure. The coating has more porosity and oxide slag. For zinc and aluminum coatings, the porosity is 10% ~ 15% during the spraying process. The flow and pressure of the compressed air must be kept constant, otherwise the wire feeding will be slow and slow, which will seriously affect the melting effect of the wire.

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