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Operation method of thermal spraying
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According to the different heat sources used in thermal spraying and the state of the spraying material.

Arc spraying is a method of generating an arc between two continuously fed metal wires that are respectively connected to the positive electrode and the negative electrode of a power supply. The heated molten part is atomized by a compressed air jet and sprayed onto the substrate to form a coating.

Because this method is only suitable for spraying wire, it is also called arc wire spraying.

1. Features

(1) The spraying material must be conductive.

(2) The arc temperature is lower than the plasma temperature, but higher than the oxyacetylene flame temperature. The compressed air pressure of the atomized wire can be higher, so the spray coating is denser.

(3) Since two metal wires are fed at the same time, the spraying efficiency is high.

2. Use

Suitable for spraying large shafts, rollers and long-term protection of large structural parts.

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